Please help SAVE MY LIFE!

March 1, 2014

on March 1, 2014


Thank you to everyone who helped to make the fundraiser that was held on Thursday, February 27th at the Melrose Ballroom a success.  Thank you to all the thoughtful and caring people who braved the cold and came to this event.  I just want to thank everyone for his or her thoughtful donations, as well as to the people of the Melrose Ballroom for hosting this event.  I want to personally thank Maria Tsikos Messados and Theoni Symeonides for putting the event all together.  This night would have definitely not have been possible if it wasn’t for you.  A special thank you also goes to Ioannis Spyropoulos for that wonderful poem that you wrote and flyer that you made. You are like angels sent to me.   I know I just gotta hang in there… which I know is easier said than done… but I know that if I do… you will make Mexico happen! Even though I don’t have an official total of how much we raised, I know it was a very successful night, as I believe we raised over $10,000.

1780100_10101072127195490_1599715703_oEven though it was the coldest night of the week (a reading of only 10 degrees), no one would ever know it from the warmth of all the people and the heat being generated within the ballroom.  It was such an amazing night that was filled with great entertainment, dancing, raffles, etc. It was such a great night to see all the people that came out to support me and help me in getting the treatment that I so desperately need because without it, I will definitely die.  I’m fighting and holding on because of you. Thanks for trying to make my dream of having another chance of life happen through the lifesaving treatment that I need in Mexico!! I know that with all of this support and with all of you behind me, I will be able to get the much-needed medical treatment.

In addition, I also want to thank you for putting a smile on my face.  It put a smile on a face that hasn’t smiled in such a log time. I can’t honestly say I remember the last time I had some “fun”!  But I must say that by attending this event, I had the time of my life and I actually got to be able to feel somewhat “normal.” For a few hours I got to forget my worries and have a little “fun” even though I was at a function for my illness.

1025953_10101072123098700_51764630_oGoing to this fundraiser was like living in a dream.  The time went by so fast.  I loved being able to meet all of the people who support me and are behind me, as well as I enjoyed the great entertainment that took place within the Melrose Ballroom.  There was so much doing inside between the DJ, raffles, food, drinks, dancing, etc.  Even the speech that was made by Theoni and Ioannis brought tears to my eyes.  My dad also was amazed with all the people who came out, introduced themselves to us, and showed their support.   He also never gets out to have a “good” time as his life consists of working 6 days a week, taking me to appointments, trying to hold the family together, and taking care of me.  He is one amazing man and my superhero.  It is amazing with all that he manages to be able to do because he gets up at 3 AM and doesn’t coming home from work until 6:30 PM.  So for him to actually be able to go out, relax, and have a good time…it was nice to see that as well.

1966121_10101072127360160_324134382_oIn addition, I was really touched and really amazed when someone who won courtside tickets to the NETS game gave them to us. It was such an unselfish act that he did and I can’t thank him enough.  Due to the financial burden of my illne

ss, I can’t remember the last time my family was able to even go out to do anything.  We don’t even go out to dinner.  Yet, now we had in our hands 2 courtside tickets to the NETS game. The tickets are for seats right behind home basket, which are really great seats.  Thanks again to the very thoughtful person who gave them to us.

I only hope that perhaps we can do another fundraiser like this before Mexico because it was highly successful and it was such a great and FUN night!  Thanks again to everyone who came out and supported me.  Yet, even though plenty of money

was raised, we are still a long way off to being able to afford the medical treatment that I need in Mexico.  I also still need money to be able to afford the medical treatment, medicine, and appointments that I need currently so that I am even able to go to Mexico to get that Coma.  So if you can think of any other fundraisers or can still continue to spread the word that donations are needed… it would be much appreciated.  Please let me know if you have any other additional fundraising ideas.


I desperately need to get help!  I also desperately need to get help now to “buy” me time and to keep me strong enough to go to Mexico.  I am trying to keep up my strength as much as possible, but the truth of the matter is that I am rapidly deteriorating.  I can’t get to Mexico fast enough.  Not only am I in the most excruciating pain imaginable 24/7, but I am bleeding from somewhere inside, my autonomic dysfunction is out-of-control, I am having difficulty eating or swallowing even the littlest things I was consuming before, I am aspirating, I am having difficulty breathing, and my limbs are turning blacker than ever and remaining black (which means the tissues are dying because there is no blood flow and lack of oxygen).

I went for a hyperbaric oxygen treatment today in hopes that it might help because my limbs are turning blacker than usual.  I am used to discoloring and changing color in a split second, as I can range in coloration from normal to blue to red to purple to black.  I am just one colorful person.  However, it is now at the point that my limbs are just staying black, especially my left leg and foot.  Whereas it resumed somewhat normal coloration at certain times or fluctuated between the colors, it is now a deeper black and remains that black without fluctuations.  Even raising the limb, which usually helps in the coloration isn’t doing anything! It really scares me because I am so afraid that it is going gangrene or that it might have to be amputated.

The doctors were always worried about gangrene and amputation because of the lack of blood flow caused by this illness throughout my body. Therefore, they were always scared that if I got an infection it would be a major problem because it could easily lead to gangrene.  In addition, they even said that if I got better, it could still be possible because all throughout these years the tissues were being deprived of oxygen.  However, I never focused on it because I didn’t wanna think it was going to happen.  I was also really careful not to get an infection despite all the ulcers that I kept getting on my feet and legs because of my illness.

We were hoping that the hyperbaric oxygen would have restored the circulation to the left leg and foot that has been remaining black.  After all, when you get hyperbaric oxygen, you get pure oxygen.  This causes lungs to be able to gather up like 3 or more times of oxygen than would be possible.  It promotes healing because your blood carries this oxygen throughout your body, stimulating the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells, which promote the healing.

1658386_10101073123154580_1744953297_oI refused to look at the leg while I was in the chamber.  I didn’t want to know until it was all done.  After I was done and taken out of the chamber, I waited awhile until I looked because I knew how important it was to see normal coloration. I knew from the past that whenever I went into the hyperbaric chamber, it would help in the coloration. I knew though that if it was still black, it was not a good sign because it meant that something was seriously wrong.  I was so worried that something was wrong because my heart has been so weak lately and when the heart is not working right and has difficulty pumping, it causes the limbs to go black since they are the furthest from the heart.  It also could mean that I had a clot or some other problem.

However, when I took a deep breath and finally looked, I was disheartened to see that my leg looked exactly the same.  I took a picture so that I could show the doctor what it looks like right after the hyperbaric chamber, which ideally should have been the time that it was actually better.  In fact, when I showed my dad the picture later on, he thought that I was actually showing him the picture before I had the treatment.  I was like “no dad… this is how my leg is now!”

So now we don’t know what to do.  We just know that we are scared because there is definitely something wrong.  We have to get to a doctor ASAP.  Even the people at the hyperbaric chamber told us to go and seek the help ASAP.  So we need to make an appointment with a vascular surgeon.  I just hope we can find one that is familiar with my condition (which is a battle in itself because they need to be sought of familiar with my neurological condition since it affects circulation and everything on the autonomic and sympathetic nervous system), as well as one that has an appointment available.  After all, doctors are usually all booked up and to get an appointment, they usually make you wait for some time… time we don’t have to wait.  So I guess first thing Monday morning I will be making phone calls because there is nothing I can basically do today since it is the weekend.  I am just so scared because I don’t want to lose my leg. This disease has robbed me so much of everything… I don’t want it to take my leg physically too.

Wanna hear something funny though?  Not only do I get to rest and watch TV during the treatment, but also so does my dad.  Sometimes I really like going for treatments because it actually gives my dad time to rest since he is always working like a dog.  He works so many hours a day and he barely rests.  He works so hard just to be able to provide for us, as his job isn’t even just sitting behind a desk. He is constantly on his feet and doing physical work.  He is up at 3 AM and doesn’t go to bed until 11 by the time he gets home, eats dinner, cleans up, and takes care of me.  So even though he is my Superman, there is still only so much he can take without having to “rest!”  Plus, it isn’t where he is a youngster either, as he is at the age of 60.

So at least when I go for the treatments such as hyperbaric or ketamine… not only do I get to rest, but so does my dad.  When I go for ketamine, my dad gets to sleep the entire day away.  After all, what else is there to do anyway because I am there the entire day and there is only so much that he can do besides stare at me?  When we go for hyperbaric, it isn’t quite as long and therefore, he usually watches television and reads the paper.  However, we caught him snoozing today and the person that works the chambers actually got a picture of him sleeping.  When I came out of the chamber and said, “Did you have a nice nap?” he of course denied sleeping.  But when I showed him the picture… all he could say was “oops!  Maybe I did sleep for a bit!”

In addition, I have a ketamine infusion scheduled for Wednesday. I have been in so much pain lately (even more than usual) and I just can’t take it anymore.  At least Wednesday I will get a day of relief because I will be able to ‘rest.’  I always call the days when I go for ketamine my ‘vacation days’ because that is the only time I really get to escape my illness.

I also have bloods on Monday.  I am really nervous because I haven’t been feeling well.  I wonder how much they have fallen because of the fact that I feel worse than usual.  My bloods have definitely not been good lately and definitely can’t afford to get worse.  So I don’t even want to think about that happening.

Gosh… I can’t believe it is March 1st already.  May 1st, which is when I am scheduled to hopefully undergo the radical Ketamine Coma in Mexico is just around the corner.  I really hope I’ll be able to raise enough funds by then to be able to have it.  It really would be a dream come true.  I know I am getting weaker by the day, but I just have to hang in til then.  I have been trying to stay as strong as possible, but it is hard.  I have been blowing up balloons so to try to strengthen up my lungs because they are so very weak and have been having extremely difficult time breathing. The doctors are afraid that my lungs will become even weaker when I am on the ventilators and as a result, it will make it even more difficult to come off the ventilators.

Well… I just want to thank everyone again for making the fundraiser a success.  Whether it was through the fundraiser at the Melrose Ballroom or another way that a contribution was made to me, I want to thank you again for all your donations and support.

“Help Fallon Fight” Bracelets are still continuing to be sold.  They are $5 and come in pink or blue.  Contact me through Facebook or by emailing Femirsky@gmail.com, if interested.  All money goes towards my medical expenses!

Well… until next time!



Below is the poem that was written for me at the fundraiser!!



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