Please help SAVE MY LIFE!

June 25, 2014

on June 25, 2014


Just got some big news today so figured that I would share. Also figured I would share all that has happened sine I have been home!

Just heard the news that I am one more step closer to having the HUGE operation in California to have my colon removed. Yup… the doctor called today and told me that the date has been set for the presurgical testing and for the final exploratory surgery. The date is July 28th. However, I really need help in raising money for this operation because we cannot afford it by ourselves.

Even though this operation is covered by the insurance to a point, it is still hugely expensive on our part and we are unable to afford it. We still have to worry about the copayments, deductibles, traveling expenses, doctor fees, living expenses while we are there, etc. After all, just because the actual surgery is somewhat covered, I still have to make multiple trips there for testing and other procedures, tests, etc. I also have copayments that I have to pay, as well as deductibles. In addition, just because the surgery is covered, the doctor fees are not. So… in order for this all to happen, I really need help from others.

Even though I need this operation immediately and as soon as possible because my life depends on it and I am rapidly deteriorating, I am kind of glad that it is being put off until the 28th because this way it will give me time to hopefully raise some money. As of now, we are unable to afford going back there, as we just returned from the previous trip and money is of course tight. We can’t even afford the appointments that I have in New York or the medication that I need to take. So… this will give me some time to save some money. Therefore, I have one month to raise as much money as possible because that is when I leave. I really need to raise a lot because once I get back from the next trip, I will only have about 1 ½ weeks to 2 weeks before I will have to return again to California for the massive surgery to remove the entire colon. At that time I will have to spend at least 2 weeks there, so that trip will definitely not be inexpensive.   So if you have any ideas about fundraising, please contact me. Please also spread the word that help is desperately needed because I need help from others if I am going to be able to have this surgery. Please spread the word to donate at www.gofundme.com/fallonmirsky, as even the littlest amount is appreciated.

I really need to have this surgery done as soon as possible though. It is weird thinking that the very thing that is taking place to the organ that is killing me is also in a way “saving” my life at the same time. I have a twist in my colon and an intussusception that a normal person would normally die from. You can’t live with a twist or an intussusception in your colon. However, since my colon is so over dilated and floppy, it is able to compensate and I am able to manage to live with it. However, since it is massive in size because of the dilation, it is putting enormous pressure on my other organs and it is shutting down those organs as well. So not only is it saving my life, but also killing me at the same time. So I soughta have a “safety net” for a little bit. Hopefully it won’t break until I have the surgery.

My colon is completely shot. It is so massive in size and dilated way too much. When I went for the last exploratory surgery, it literally took the doctor an hour to get to my colon because it was so over dilated and floppy. The whole entire room had to even assist the doctor in order for him to get to it. The doctors can’t wait to actually see this colon on the outside and actually get to examine it when it comes out. They already claimed it. I told the doctor though that I want a picture of it when it comes out.

When I go back for in the end of July, I will have to go for another test, which will be another exploratory surgery and I will also have presurgical testing. During the exploratory surgery, it will be a complex procedure because it will incorporate 3 depts. scrubbing in, as they will not only be “exploring” but they are going to be also putting in nuclear radioactive stuff into my cecum and tracing things in my colon as well. But at least when all is done with this trip, all will be ready for the surgery to have the colon removed.

I am not going to lie… I am really nervous. I really don’t want to have a bag and really scared that it is going to be permanent. Even though the doctors are hoping it will only be temporary and last only 6-8 weeks, I am petrified that it will have to remain longer. Even having the bag for that length of time is freaking me out. I know I have been strong throughout this entire disease and such, but I don’t think that I am going to make it through this part. I think I finally met my breaking point. I don’t think that I will be strong enough to undertake this part.

But I just gotta go. Gotta leave for the hospital, as I am undergoing ketamine today. Thank goodness because I really need it. Thanks again for all your support. Again, if you can please pass on that donations are much needed at www.gofundme.com/FallomMirsky, I would really appreciate it.




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